Monkeys Chasing Shakespere


This is admittedly an odd title, but Christians familiar with the arguments of evolutionists will soon recognize the context. My goal with this paper is not to bury you with scientific knowledge, so don't get bogged down in any scientific terms. Instead, I'm attempting to illustrate the enormity and complexity that is Life - a precious gift and creation from God. So complex that even today scientists know more about what they don't know than what they do know - huh? Read that again. You'll get it the second time.
Evolutionists have their own parables, used to explain their religion named, "Darwinism". One such parable attempts to disarm Creationists who claim the statistical likelihood of evolution is impossible. The parable goes something like this
Given enough monkeys clicking on enough typewriters, and given a sufficient amount of time, one of them will eventually produce one of Shakespeare's sonnets. They often make this comment with an air of intellectual superiority and expect (and often receive) a doe-eyed response from their audience. They count on their audience to lack basic statistical knowledge or to be too lazy (or too intimidated) to sit down and prove their claims to be true or false.
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