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Daniel’s Prayer

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A discussion of the prophetic passage in Daniel Chapter Nine known as “Daniel’s Seventy Weeks”. Daniel’s 70 Weeks
This link is a transcription of an interview between hosts Doug and Joe Hagmann of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report and Bible Teacher, Nathan Leal. The topic under discussion is an alternate understanding of the Abomination of Desolation described in Daniel Chapter 9 and warned about by Jesus in the 15th verse of Matthew 24. Interview with Nathan Leal
A tribute to the 15 years Nancy ministered to others through the ministry Celebrate Recovery. She stepped down as leader of the chapter at Shepherd Church during May of 2017. This was a celebration of that evening. Nancy’s 15 years with Celebrate Recovery
A collection of videos available to family and friends. Video Center
A synopsis and preview of This Side of Eden’s Gate. This Side of Eden’s Gate
A very tiny glimpse of infinity Infinity
Evolutionists have their own parables, used to explain their religion named, “Darwinism”. One such parable attempts to disarm Creationists who claim the statistical likelihood of evolution is impossible. The parable goes something like this."

Given enough monkeys clicking on enough typewriters, and given a sufficient amount of time, one of them will eventually produce one of Shakespeare's sonnets. They often make this comment with an air of intellectual superiority and expect (and often receive) a doe-eyed response from their audience. They count on their audience to lack basic statistical knowledge or to be too lazy (or too intimidated) to sit down and prove their claims to be true or false.
Monkeys in Search of Shakespeare
This is a long but very valuable series by Billy Crone, Senior Pastor of Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada and Get a Life Ministries

The series uses Biblical Scripture to examine recent news footage, cultural media, political commentary, and historical recordings to illustrate how close we truly are to the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” - the times reveal by the books of Daniel, Revelation, and others.

This is a very valuable series and it comes highly recommended - well worth the time invested.
The Final Countdown: 10 Signs you’ Living in the Last Days
A powerful presentation on The Apostle Paul’s letter to the Ephesians dealing with Spirtual warfare. Chapter 6 from this book can be read in a few minutes, but the discussion of what it means to us and understanding the lessons it teaches in dealing with Satanic/demonic attacks can be a lifelong study.

Philip De Courcy of the ministry named Know the Truth presents a wonderful study of the metaphorical representation of the various pieces of armor we’re advised to put on each day in our Christian lives.
Philp De Courcy’s Study on Ephesians Chapter 6
The Century of the Self is a BBC production detailing how powerful entities use the teachings of Sigmund Freud, his nephew, Edward Bernays to control very large groups of people through marketing, controlled media, educational institutions, and political campaigns. Century of the Self
Walter Cronkite shares his personal views on the prospects of world government Walter Cronkite on World Government
Scanned originals from Margaret Sanger to eugenicist, Dr. Clarence J. Gamble about The Negro Project. Sanger's letter

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