Margaret Sanger's Letter to Eugenicist Clarence James Gamble


The letter from Margaret Sanger (1879-1966) was dated December 10, 1939 and sent to Dr. Clarence Gamble to discuss what they referred to as “The Negro Project”. Gamble financed several of Sanger’s projects and helped spread her clinics and promote the influence of her organization, The American Birth Control League, which evolved into Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
Gamble (1894-1966) was the grandson of James Gamble, co-founder of Proctor and Gamble and heir to the company’s fortune. He was also an advocate of population control, eugenics (the selective breeding of the human race through encouraged or coerced reproduction and sterilization of different portions of the population), and the founder of Pathfinder International, which continues to carry out his agenda. He was also a member of the Human Betterment League of North Carolina and advocated forced sterilization of mental patients and vasectomies for those deemed “unfit”.
Originally, Pathfinder received most of it’s funding directly from Gamble and some of his family members. They now receive most of their funding from The United States Agency for International Development and continue their work of providing abortions and sterilizations around the world, especially in third-world nations. Perform a search for the terms “NSSM 200 genocide” for more information about this U.S. agency and it’s work in this area.

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