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This Side of Eden’s Gate: Part I is entitled, A Special Light and centers on the 1940s and 50s during the time physicist, Dr. Charles Townes and his brother-in-law, Dr. Art Schawlow make a series of discoveries that lead to the invention of the LASER and its predecessor, the MASER.

They befriend a young waitress named Joy, who carefully and skillfully leads them down a path of discovery. She happens to introduce them to people who aid in their research, and frequently makes seemingly offhand comments that remind them of past studies and unveil fortuitous thoughts.

They both agree that much of their fortune stems from the “coincidences” surrounding Joy and another equally mysterious man named Ezra.
Part I: A Special Light
Part II is entitled, Constantine. The Peccati Family is new to the United States, having relocated from Rome, Italy.

Constantine Peccati is a teenager, and his family desires to place him in an elite boarding school named Stone Towers Academy - located in a remote part of Connecticut.

Constantine’s father, Virgil is an influential young attorney representing international interests at the United Nations (recently relocated to a new building in New York City). Power seems to flow from this family, and this part of the story explains the inner workings of their larger-than-life plan to foist great influence upon the world.
Virgil PeccatiConstantine Peccati
Part II: Constantine
Part III Cyril: Echoes of Babylon reveals the next patriarch of Peccati line - Cyril, the son of Constantine. Cyril also excels while attending The Stone Towers Academy, assisted by family confidant, Seleucus. Like his father, Cyril delivers a commanding and thought-provoking commencement speech.

The next phase of Cyril’s life involves a beautiful young Jewish student named Rivka Yehuda. She offers her heart to him, spurning the concern expressed by her family members. Cyril returns her love with a world-shaking surprise.
Cyril PeccatiSeleucusRivka Yehuda
Part III: Cyril: Echoes of Babylon
Part IV Sowing Seeds centers on the life and career of Peter Gander. As a Florida State football player, he yearns for the comforts of home while he struggles to satisfy his coach and teammates. Disaster looms until a teammate and new friend named Mitch intervenes. A confrontation ensues that refocuses Peter’s life and more importantly, his faith in Christ.

Once he finishes his undergraduate degree, Peter discovers a newfound love, Roberta. They marry while Peter pursues a Master’s degree in Physics at the University of Illinois. She’s studying music education. A mysterious benefactor assists with their tuition and living expenses, then interjects himself into Peter’s job hunting process upon graduation.

In the meantime, Rivka has given birth to Cyril’s child - a son named, Vitis. The Peccati family expends vast resources in the raising of Vitis with elaborate training overseen by the strict direction of Seleucus.

The Ganders become young parents as Peter’s career at Vermillion-Rimmon Aerospace flourishes. They decide to start a weekly Bible study - inviting a dozen friends from their church to join them each Thursday evening. One night they invite an elderly couple to speak to their group about Biblical prophecy. The late-night discussion following the meeting lays the groundwork for what becomes a lifelong journey for Peter, Roberta, and their two kids, Sarah and Josh.
Peter GanderMitch HurleyRoberta (Byrd) Gander
Sarah GanderJosh Gander
Part IV: Sowing Seeds
Part V Breakthrough finds Peter engrossed in his project work at Vermillion-Rimmon Aerospace, where he teams with his best friend, Dr. Michael Yates. The two men invite new employee Roger Fesler to join them in a project at Peter’s church - an exciting demonstration of unclassified aspects of their military project.

In the meantime, all three men are subjected to a security briefing that shocks them. Though veterans of highly classified careers requiring a certain level of personal sacrifice regarding privacy, the international influence on the new regulations cause all three to question the direction of the nation they serve and resentment toward the outside influences dramatically steering the country they love in increasingly onerous and oppressive directions.

The project the three men work on for Vermillion-Rimmon Aerospace centers on the research and design of a powerful military tool - an airborne system that can project high-quality holographic imagery into the night sky. Intended to provide the United State military with an amazing weapon, the true customer has other ideas for its use.

Peter and his family attend a family reunion, where Peter and his brother Silas engage in a drama-filled conversation. Both men unveil concerns about their careers centered on the international influence foisted upon their leaders - influence that now is increasingly embraced by their leaders to the detriment of freedom and security. Silas, an FBI agent, reveals in an emotionally charged confidential testimony that he has recently come to learn of a massive, centuries old conspiracy. Stunning both brothers, the conclusion of their conversation reveals the conspiracy and Peter’s highly-classified project have a central character, the Peccati man-servant, Seleucus.
Dr. Michael YatesRoger FeslerSilas Gander
Part V: Breakthrough
Instigation and Supplication is the title of Part VI.

Peter receives a shocking email from an anonymous source, setting into motion a world-changing series of events. The email contains documents from his highly classified project, but was sent to his home account. Worrying about the source and potential consequences of the email causes him severe issues with his sleep, a friend threatens to expose his apparent security violation, yet all the while, prayer sustains him.

The research team working for the Peccati regime makes significant breakthroughs with their plan, and begin field exercises to not only test their highly sophisticated equipment, but more importantly, to measure the public’s reaction - a reaction aided by cohorts within the international media. The research team facilitates the escalation of highly charged stories of alien and demonic encounters well beyond the legend and lore of previous generations. These provocations and other world-significant events brought about by the Peccati’s research team brings about the desired reaction of increasing levels of fear and gripping expectations. The Nations’ faith in their leaders steadfastly declines, resulting in the yearning of a savior.

Nicoli Mancuso, designer and current manager of the Peccati’s vast computer network is one of the highest-ranking and an entrusted leader within Peccati’s conspiracy. He’s well-versed in the plans and schemes, and is the “go to guy” regarding anything related to the computer hardware and software required to support the program - or so he believed. Mancuso is assigned a significant task - to utilize until recently unknown resources to identify and assist in the apprehension of those who have apparently stolen sensitive information regarding the conspiracy - details that if revealed, could spell disaster. His new assignment requires him to become familiar with the true source of information within the Peccati fold - “The Son of ProMIS”, a greatly enhanced version of the United States Government’s version of ProMIS (Prosecutor’s Management Information System). The trillions of optical processors within the underground enclave decrypts, translates, and automatically analyzes nearly everything communicated worldwide within seconds of transmission. Mancuso, the keeper of the Peccati’s golden keys soon realizes the immense network he controlled is an abacus in the presence of the “all knowing” Son of ProMIS.

With the use of “Son of ProMIS”, Mancuso is able to determine the identity of those in possession of the the Peccati plan. A cat and mouse game ensues, resulting in a race to escape the massive army of technicians and hit men mustered by Seleucus. Peter and his family, and Michael Yates make a daring escape, and not for the intervention of a mysterious group of benefactors, faced a certain and quick death.

Tommy is a young man who has a brain wired differently than most. Through great efforts by his family members, he has learned to speak despite his condition. However, he does so through quoting Biblical passages that contextually matches the thoughts he wishes to express. Dreams inspire him to travel to Columbus, Ohio, where he meets a young Christian lady named, Ruthie. Tommy stays with Ruthie and her grandmother, Molly while he travels daily to a certain location along the city streets and intensely prays for the revealing of God’s Glory. Unexplainable incidences take place (some claim miracles), and quickly, the young couple are thrust into a worldwide flurry of controversy centered around their simple desire to faithfully pray. Pursued by law enforcement, legal authorities, the media, and a nemesis bent on their destruction, the two attempt to lead a simple life of devotion amongst a hell-storm of resistance and corruption. Through their adventure, the world is alerted to what many interpret as God’s desire to call mankind to Himself. Quietness embraces them as they return home, but a hidden source of fear and turmoil festers until it’s confronted and healed through God’s Grace.

A broadcast personality named Rosa Quinlan follows Ruthie and Tommy during the young couple’s journey. Inspired by their story, she follows the theme of “miracles in the day” during subsequent shows. She seeks advice from a husband and wife team of Biblical scholars, Scherrie and Gabriel Smalls. A series of interviews reveal their speculation of the meaning of current events, including the latest - twelve huge men, who resemble one another, and dressed in ancient garb. They appear out of nowhere and begin to construct a stone structure in the midst of Jerusalem. Their actions raise severe angst as they tread where international intrigue has its most explosive trigger point - the area surrounding the Temple Mount. No matter what the United Nations, The Israeli government and military, or the Islamists do to stymie their efforts, no one is able to thwart their efforts. They go about their business of hard labor, oblivious to those around them. Many throughout the world repeat the question asked by Rosa and the Smalls, “Who are these men, and what are they constructing?”
Nicoli MancusoTommy GeeRuthie Cantwell
Molly CantwellRosa QuinlanDr. Scherrie Smalls
Dr. Gabe Smalls
Part VI: Instigation and Supplication
Part VII: Underground finds the Gander family located in a magnificent underground facility. They are joined by Mike Yates, Peter’s brother Silas and sister-in-law, Diane along with a few other friends they met during their rescue. The mysterious group who aided in their escape welcome them to join their congregation, but beforehand, Peter, Mike, and Silas must go through a series of briefings intended to enlighten them to the group’s mission and history - a history that requires a realignment of their own knowledge of secular history and how it interacts with Biblical revelations. Demonstrations of technology that warp their senses reveals a history and a new appreciation of the world they occupy. But it’s the source of the technology that truly astounds the men.

A new love comes to Mike, but not in the traditional sense - a Spiritual Love that comes through Grace. An additional relationship follows during which Mike reveals his family history, a painful, yet healing recollection that unveils the personality tract that drove him to success, but at what cost?

An old acquaintance contacts Seleucus, and requests an audience - an acquaintance who reveals a special commitment. A confrontation ensues with a remarkable outcome.

Time passes as the twelve odd men continue their work unabated. Vitis Peccati decides their efforts will likely interfere with his grand plans. He musters a small army to confront the men with a threat of deadly force. Things don’t go as planned. It’s also time for a cleanup of other matters - the staff of Vermillion-Rimmon - working on his project have become a liability, and a monstrous plan is put into motion to deal with them.

Rabbi Elchanan Zev hosts Rosa Quinlan, her broadcast show and two guests, Scherrie and Gabriel Smalls. The Rabbi is an instructor at a Jerusalem Yeshiva (Hebrew school), who shares his insight into the extraordinary events around the world, but seemingly focusing within Israel. During his interview, he relates an amazing encounter the previous night with the twelve men constructing what is now clearly recognized as a new Temple.

For years, Rivka has been missed by her family ever since that fateful day she met with her sister Naomi for the last time. A secret communication is delivered to her family, revealing she is still alive and is in need of rescue. Plans are made for a daring operation with the aid of an Israeli Special Forces unit and an unknown insider.

Two high-level aides who serve Seleucus named Bineil and Vieko continue the special training of the twin brother of Vitis. They have no idea as to the purpose of the daily exercises, only that the project is extremely important, and demands a high sense of urgency from Seleucus and Vitis. The skit performed with demanding exactness by the unnamed brother was started when he was a child, and proceeds daily as the only focus of his life. He stands alone upon a stage and acknowledges the adulation of a large audience, a scene that is actually simulated by holographic imagery. It’ all very mysterious, but Bineil and Vieko dare not question the need for dedication and precision.
Diane GanderRabbi Elchanan ZevNaomi (Yehuda)
BineilVieko Kasun
Part VII: Underground
Part VIII: Night Sky: The Christian underground group receives a secret message in much the same manner as the one previously delivered to Rivka’s family. The message explains that the Peccati regime has a mole, a Christian who is willing to risk his life in order to assist their fight against Peccati. Though extremely cautious, the leadership authorize Silas and his team to travel to a remote facility where they follow detailed instructions and download the entire library of documents detailing the technical specifications and timeline of the project. The encryption/decryption technology obtained by the mission was in itself worth the risk.

Rosa and Scherrie have multiple interviews describing the impact and meaning of current events. They discuss the possibility that a large conspiracy was responsible for the rash of alien sightings, while Scherrie suggests the possibility that some of the cases may instead stem from demonic phenomena, a theory she coins as the Nephilim Conspiracy. To support her comments, Scherrie details a long list of Biblical passages that describe the Satanic mission to prevent the coming of The Messiah and His fulfillment of Redemption - a mission originating with The Fall in Genesis Chapter 3.

A hidden video of a drunken government official sends the world financial markets into a tailspin. Economic disaster strikes every nation and every segment of the financial world. Panic, rioting, insurrection, and threats of war bring the world to a level of fear never seen before. Nations and large corporations liquidate resources for a fraction of their former worth. Peccati’s shadowy organization is behind the deals, and comes to the table with backing consisting of previously undisclosed piles of gold - obtained during centuries of family-owned operations. Within a few days, they extort a significant percentage of the world’s wealth.

Vitis and his foundation previously manipulated The Nations into requesting his foundation to construct a temple for The World, and located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This represented a massive effort that only his team could pull off in such a short time, and the new facility is ready. The entire world is preparing to celebrate its new temple. A huge broadcast is planned with viewing facilities located all over the world. The celebration is coincident with Vitis’ birthday. The celebration suffers a shocking disruption, and Bineil and Vieko now understand the purpose of the training of the unnamed twin brother. Miracles seem to take place, and Vitis makes an amazing pronouncement.

The mole within the Peccati realm makes a dash to freedom. The invaluable information he has on his person demands an extreme effort on the part of the Christian underground, and at great sacrifice to one the team members.

Rosa has ruffled the feathers of some people who decide she must die for her revelations, but with the assistance of the underground team, she avoids the deadly attack, and finds refuge.

Centuries of planning come to a climax as the day finally arrives. Vitis stands at his command center in a cavern underneath the streets of Rome as he watches a huge screen. His grand deception is about to begin. He’s confronted by a new enemy, who reveals that there has been a change in plans. Vitis is horrified as a team led by his mother, Rivka takes over the broadcast stage in front of his temple, but the fun has just begun.

No time to celebrate as the Christian underground group makes a move to minister to the world’s new faithful. Peter remains in the underground facility to continue the technical management of the group’s organization, and Ezra schedules a private meeting to go over details. During that encounter, Ezra reveals an astonishing fact about his personal history.

Ezra’s first stop during his new mission is to fulfill a promise made many years earlier to a man who rescued him and Joy. During that incident, Mateo and his wife were also “rescued”. Now it’s time to return to the home of Mateo. There, Ezra and Joy pay a special visit, and meet a young lady named, Evangelia.
(as a young man)
Part VIII: Night Sky
Part IX: Snatched Up: The story switches briefly to a young couple in Taiwan. Da-Wei (pronounced Dar-Way) is a construction worker who makes friends with an older man while drinking tea at a social club. The two men meet periodically, as Da-Wei’s new friend shares interesting stories about his life. He describes his past as thief and cheat, banished from his family after he attempted to steal from a client of his father in order to pay off a gambling debt. On his own, he found great success within the business world, where he continued his dishonest ways. Depression, anger, and dissatisfaction tortured him until he found relief. He concludes his story by stating he now spends his life to share this life secret with others who are willing to listen.

Two young couples leave on a road trip. They plan to attend an auto show. The two young men are long-time friends. The women overcome a bit of early snippiness to become great friends. Noelle explains her past opulence, then her desperation brought on by the the Peccati-era devastation that destroyed her family. She opens up further by explaining the kindness of a Christian family saved her life. She’s a new church-goer, but has many questions about her role in life. Amanda tries her best to provide appropriate answers, but soon realizes her best testimony is to explain her own weaknesses, struggles, and Who she leans on for daily peace.

Several scenes around the world inadequately describes the overwhelming horror brought on by an unexplained phenomena impacting millions of people. Unaware of the disaster during the night, Roy Michaelson relaxes outside a remote mountain cabin when he notices smoke wafting above a distant mountain. Investigating what he quickly determines is a plane crash, he learns of the turmoil around the rest of the word. Remembering the teachings of his grandparents, Rod and Penny Michaelson, he quickly understands the cause. He turns to the recordings of Bible studies found in his grandparent’s cabin, and feverishly studies to understand more. After many attempts, he’s finally able to contact his office, and sets up a conference call to discuss his findings with his employees, and to propose a plan of action.

Roy son discovers he’s not the only person that is making significant plans. A huge responsibility is laid on his shoulders.

Captain Dana MacDermot has an important assignment to fulfill - the decommission of the Christian Underground facility so the technology it contains does not fall into the wrong hands.
Noelle StraussAmanda GillespieRoy Michaelson
Rod MichaelsonPenny MichaelsonCaptain Dana
Part IX: Snatched Up
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