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Description Cast of Characters Date Elapsed Time Link
A trip to Niagara Falls for Nancy & Barry during the Fall of 2009. Nancy & Barry. 10/17/2009 05:27 2009 06 - Fall - Niagara Falls
Celebration of Susan’s and Isabelle’s 1st birthday. Isabelle Yoder, Susan Lantz, Asher & David Lantz, Nancy, Sarah & Steve Yoder, Bertha & Elmer Yoder, Becca (Lantz) Griffin, Rachel Lantz, Becca Lantz. 11/08/2009 13:05 Susan and Izzys birthday

Description Cast of Characters Date Elapsed Time Link
Sarah’s birthday and Christmas Celebration with Nancy’s family. Isabelle Yoder, Sarah & Steve Yoder, Asher & David Lantz, Rachel Lantz, Nancy, Becca (Lantz) Griffin, Bertha & Elmer Yoder, Lonnie Schwartz. 12/23/2009 18:32 2009 14 - Winter - Sarah’s Birthday
Baby dedication for Silas. Becca, Tyler, and Silas Griffin. 1/21/2018 06:31 Silas Dedication
First Birthday for Silas. Becca, Tyler, and Silas Griffin, John Michael, Susan Lantz, David Lantz and Asher Lantz, Nancy and Barry Skaggs. 8/25/2018 01:28 Silas First Birthday
A celebration of John Michael’s 90th birthday. John Michael, Nancy, Susan Lantz, Mary Jo Price, Michael Price, Terry Price, Isabelle Yoder, Asher Lantz, Isabelle, Sarah, & Steve Yoder, Rachel Lantz, David Lantz, Becca (Griffin) Lantz, Jason & Teri Ober, Grace Lawson, little girl held by Susan. 11/2009 00:46 90th birthday celebration for Nancy’s father, John
A celebration of John Michael’s 100th birthday.

During November of 2019, we met at The Urbana Church of The Nazarene to celebrate the beginning of John Michael’s second century
Family and friends. 11/24/2019 11:09 100th birthday celebration for Nancy’s father, John
Celebration of Christmas hosted by Susan.

Epic marshmallow gun battle.
Susan Lantz, Sarah & Steve Yoder, Isabelle, Isla, and Genevieve Yoder, Rachel Lantz & Mike Corona, Parker & David Lantz, and Asher, Becca & Tyler Griffin, and Silas, Nancy & Barry Skaggs. 12/25/2019 3:47 Christmas hosted by Susan
Shortly after we married, Nancy and I sold our homes before we purchased our new home in Gahanna. The following spring, the purchaser of Nancy’s house had a lot of water problems in the finished basement - a lot of rain that year. We hired Greg Wasiloff of Renaissance Remodling, and he did an excellent job. This video is to let others know in the event you have similar issues. 5/2003 12:42 Nancy’s House Repair

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