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Description Cast of Characters Date Elapsed Time Link
A trip to Niagara Falls for Nancy & Barry during the Fall of 2009. Nancy & Barry. 10/17/2009 05:27 2009 06 - Fall - Niagara Falls
Celebration of Susan’s and Isabelle’s 1st birthday. Isabelle Yoder, Susan Lantz, Asher & David Lantz, Nancy, Sarah & Steve Yoder, Bertha & Elmer Yoder, Becca (Lantz) Griffin, Rachel Lantz, Becca Lantz. 11/08/2009 13:05 Susan and Izzys birthday

Description Cast of Characters Date Elapsed Time Link
Sarah’s birthday and Christmas Celebration with Nancy’s family. Isabelle Yoder, Sarah & Steve Yoder, Asher & David Lantz, Rachel Lantz, Nancy, Becca (Lantz) Griffin, Bertha & Elmer Yoder, Lonnie Schwartz. 12/23/2009 18:32 2009 14 - Winter - Sarah’s Birthday
A celebration of John Michael’s 90th birtdhay. John Michael, Nancy, Susan Lantz, Mary Jo Price, Michael Price, Terry Price, Isabelle Yoder, Asher Lantz, Isabelle, Sarah, & Steve Yoder, Rachel Lantz, David Lantz, Becca (Griffin) Lantz, Jason & Teri Ober, Grace Lawson, little girl held by Susan. 11/2009 00:46 90th Birthday for Nancy’s Dad
Shortly after we married, Nancy and I sold our homes before we purchased our new home in Gahanna. The following spring, the purchaser of Nancy’s house had a lot of water problems in the finished basement - a lot of rain that year. We hired Greg Wasiloff of Renaissance Remodling, and he did an excellent job. Not sure if he’s still in business but his number was 614-855-5878. This video is to let others know in the event you have similar issues. 5/2003 12:42 Nancy’s House Repair

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