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Description Cast of Characters Date Elapsed Time Link
Compilation of many Super 8 films recorded by our dad and from our marching band experiences at Bowling Green and Ohio State. Sandra (Skaggs) Snyder, Barry.   0:56:37 Barry And Sandra Marching Band

Description Cast of Characters Date Elapsed Time Link
Westland High School Marching Band Sandra and Jamie Kimmel Eifert Fall 1978s 0:47:40 Westland Marching Band
Westland High School Football   Late 1970s 0:03:00 Westland Football
Tennis Practice Sandra Fall 1978 0:06:13 Tennis Practice
Marching Band Demo Sandra Fall 1978 0:01:54 Marching Band Demo
Bowling Green Marching Band Sandra, Greg 1979-1982 0:09:50 Bowling Green Marching Band
Performance of the Lakota West Wind Ensemble during the 2000 Midwest Clinic - Chicago Illinois. This was the first of an unprecedented three appearances by Lakota West at Midwest.

The following is from their website ...
The Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference each year displays top ensembles throughout the music conference to showcase the newest ideas and talent. From students to professionals, performers have a chance to exhibit their talents to a supportive and enthusiastic audience with an interest in furthering music education. Each band and orchestra conference is unique and offers attendees the most up-to-date music styles and education techniques.
Greg Snyder and The Lakota West High School Symphonic Winds. 12/2000 0:58:13 2006 Midwest Clinic
Alex in His Baby Swing. Alex 10/14/1987 0:00:41 1987-01 Swing
Alex with Gma and Gpa Alex, Don and Carol Snyder 10/1987 0:00:24 1987-02 Grandma and Grandpa Snyder
Alex with Mama and Boo. Alex, Homan and Wanda Skaggs 10/1987 0:01:31 1987-03 Grandma and Grandpa Skaggs
Alex on the Play Blanket. Starting to Talk. Alex, Sandra 10/1987 0:01:11 1987-04 On the Blanket
Alex in the Big Bed. Starting to Talk. Alex 10/1987 0:01:05 1987-05 In the Big Bed
Alex Asleep in His Crib. Alex 10/1987 0:00:53 1987-06 In the Crib
Jeff and Jan Meyers Visit. Alex, Jan and Jeff Meyers 11/1987 0:00:26 1987-07 Visitors
Alex Flies Greg, Alex 11/1987 0:00:58 1987-08 Flying
Alex on His Blanket and Swing. (Check the end when he sighs with relief that the swing is starting). Alex 11/1987 0:01:28 1987-10 Blanket and Swing
Christmas at Gma and Gpa’s. Also, Enjoying Christmas tree at Home. Alex, Geoff and Sherry 12/1987 0:08:22 1987-12 Snyder Christmas
Alex tries on New Clyde Marching Band Uniform. Alex 12/1987 0:00:32 1987-13 Marching Band Uniform
Alex Enjoys Christmas at Mama and Boo’s. Alex 12/1987 0:00:47 1987-14 Skaggs Christmas
A celebration of Greg Snyder’s 30th birthday. Greg Snyder & Sandra (Skaggs), and Alex Snyder, Carol & Don Snyder, Jill (Snyder) & Dave Clapper, Betsy & Doug Fields, Sandy & John Nearhood, Sue & Glen Shellhammer, Carol & Charlie Miller, Jenny Miller, Greg Miller, Brian Botdorf, Ann & Doug Albright, Phil Lehenbauer, Paula & Jeff Buchanan, Jan Smith, Betty Beatty, Tim Snyder. 1/3/1988 0:31:27 1988 01 - Winter - Greg’s 30th Birthday
Mother/Son Dance. Alex, Sandra 1/1988 0:03:46 1988-02 Dance With Mom
Alex’s Floor Time. Alex 1/1988 0:05:31 1988-03 Floor Time
Alex Enjoys Walker. Alex 1/1988 0:00:44 1988-04 Wee Walker
Alex Wants to Crawl Alex 1/1988 0:02:40 1988-05 Bath
Alex Sits Up. Alex 2/1988 0:01:49 1988-06 Balance
Alex Eats Lunch. Alex 2/88 0:00:55 1988-07 Lunch
Alex Gets Raspberries. Alex, Sandra 2/1988 0:00:27 1988-08 Raspberries
Alex Starts to Crawl. Alex 2/1988 0:02:05 1988-09 Dancing
Alex Crawls Some More. Alex 3/1/1988 0:01:56 1988-10 Floor Time
Alex Likes His Binky. Alex, Greg 3/1988 0:00:58 1988-11 Swing
Alex with His Rattle. Alex 4/16/1988 0:00:34 1988-12 Rattled
Alex Plays on the Floor. Alex 4/1988 0:02:51 1988-13 Push Ups
Alex Sits Up in the Bathtub. Alex 3/29/1988 0:00:51 1988-14 Bath
Alex Plays in His Walker with Dad. Alex, Greg 4/1988 0:00:58 1988-15 Mobile
Alex Being Sweet. Alex 4/1988 0:00:44 1988-16 Blanket Time
Alex Being Silly at Lunch. Alex 4/13/1988 0:02:01 1988-17 Lunch
Alex Shadow Dancing. Alex 4/1988 0:01:48 1988-18 Shadow Dancing
Alex Crawls for Camera. Alex 4/1988 0:02:48 1988-19 Crawling
Alex the Unicorn in the Tub. Alex 5/2/1988 0:00:49 1988-20 Bath
Alex Battles Bolster. Alex 5/1988 0:01:35 1988-21 Pillow Battle
Alex vs. Cow. Alex   0:01:18 1988-22 Scary Cow
Alex Percussion on Pans and Talks.     0:00:44 1988-23 Percussion
Alex Tries to Crawl After Bath.     0:01:34 1988-24 Bath
Some of Alex’s First Steps/Cruising.   5/1988 0:00:10 1988-25 Steps
Alex Crawls and Plays with Dad at Gma and Gpa’s. Alex, Greg 5/1988 0:01:30 1988-26 Grandma and Grandpa’s
Dad Reads to Alex. Alex, Greg   0:00:50 1988-27 Reading
Alex Plays Under the Table. Alex 5/27/1988 0:00:14 1988-28 Under the Table
Alex in His New Bike Helmet. Alex 5/1988 0:01:13 1988-29 Bike Helmet
Alex at Bath Time. Alex 5/1988 0:00:28 1988-30 Bath Time
Alex’s First Bike Ride with Dad. Alex, Greg 5/30/1988 0:00:23 1988-31 Bike Ride
Alex’s First Time at the Zoo. Alex, Greg 6/1988 0:01:43 1988-32 Fantasy Farm
Alex and Jonathan at Mama and Boo’s. Alex Rides Tractor with Boo. Alex, Jonathan, Barry, Homan 6/1988 0:06:11 1988-33 At Momma’s and Boo Boo’s
Alex on a Sweet Wagon Ride to a little Rachmaninov. Alex 6/1988 0:00:41 1988-34 Wagon Ride
Indian Rain Dance During Clyde Drout.   6/1988 0:02:37 1988-35 Indians
Alex Plays with Balloon. Alex 6/1988 0:01:34 1988-36 Balloon
Alex Sings and Blows Bubbles in Chicago. Alex 6/1988 0:00:53 1988-37 Singing
Alex at Buckingham Fountain, Chicago. Alex, Sandra 6/1988 0:01:43 1988-38 Chicago
Alex Plays in Jonathan’s Sandbox. Alex, Jonathan 6/1988 0:01:27 1988-39 Jonathan’s Sandbox
Alex plays with Jill’s Cat, Tom. Alex 7/1988 0:00:21 1988-40 Kitty
Alex with Great Gpa Chester, Uncle Geoff, Aunt Jill and Dad at Gma and Gpa’s. Alex, Dave, Chester, Geoff, Greg, Jill 7/1988 0:03:17 1988-41 Family
Alex on Rocking Chair at Gma and Gpa’s. Alex 7/1988 0:00:26 1988-42 Rockin
Jan and Jeff Meyers Visit with Daughter Jamie. Alex, Jeff, Jan Meyers 7/1988 0:00:33 1988-43 Baby
Some of Alex’s First Free-Standing Steps. Alex 7/1988 0:01:06 1988-44 Steps
Alex Swings with Boo. Alex, Homan 7/1988 0:00:22 1988-45 Swinging With Boo Boo
Alex’s First Taste of Mama’s Oatmeal Cookies. Alex 8/2/1988 0:00:42 1988-46 Snack Time
Alex Enjoys Mama’s Merry-Go-Round for the First Time. Alex, Sandra   0:01:37 1988-47 Merry Go Round
Alex Table Climbs. Alex   0:00:49 1988-48 Table Dancer
Alex’s First Birthday. Alex, Greg, Sandra, Carol, Jonathan   0:07:43 1988-49 Alex’s 1st Birthday
Packing in Clyde and Unpacking in West Chester. Alex   0:00:52 1988-50 Packing It In
Swinging at New Apartment. Alex 8/28/1988 0:00:53 1988-51 Swinging
Alex Playing with Dad. Alex, Greg   0:00:10 1988-52 Whistler
Alex at Gma and Gpa’s in his Captain’s Suit. Alex   0:00:20 1988-53 Picnic
Alex Rides His Dad’s Bouncy Horse at Gm and Gpa’s. Alex, Carol 9/4/1988 0:01:01 1988-54 Horse Ride
Alex on Gma’s Rocking Chair. Alex   0:01:25 1988-55 Rocking
LHS Marching Thunderbirds. Greg   0:10:12 1988-56 Marching Band
Alex has Lunch at the Apartment. Alex   0:01:51 1988-57 Lunch
Alex Just Being Smiley. Alex   0:00:24 1988-58 Hanging Out
Alex has Spaghetti for Lunch. Alex   0:01:24 1988-59 Spaghetti
Alex Plays with Gma and the Apartment Ducks. Swings with Gma. Alex, Greg, Carol   0:02:37 1988-60 At the Park
Alex Being Silly with Dad. Alex, Greg   0:00:56 1988-61 Hurdle Alex
Alex Plays with Gma before Church. Alex, Carol   0:00:27 1988-62 Playing With Grandma
Alex with His Popcorn Popper. Alex   0:01:37 1988-63 Popcorn Popper
Alex Puts Coins in His Piggy Bank. Alex   0:00:35 1988-64 Piggy Bank
Alex having Quiet Play Time. Alex   0:00:47 1988-66 Toothbrush
Alex and Stars and Stripes. Alex   0:00:14 1988-67 PJs
Alex Helps Decorate Christmas Tree in Our New Home. Alex, Greg 12/10/1988 0:01:00 1988-68 Decorating Christmas Tree
Alex Plays in Box of Toys Packed Up at Apartment. Alex 12/1988 0:02:08 1988-69 Boxed In
Christmas at Mama and Boo’s. Plays with Reindeer and gets New Tricycle. Alex, Jonathan 12/24/1988 0:02:22 1988-70 Christmas with Momma and Boo Boo
Christmas at Gma and Gpa’s. Alex gets table and chairs and Rides Dad’s Bouncy Horse. Alex 12/1988 0:01:49 1988-71 Snyder Christmas
Alex Rocking in the Big Chair at Gma and Gpa’s. Alex 12/1988 0:00:43 1988-72 Rockin
Kings Island Winterfest with Gma and Gpa. Alex, Greg, Sandra, Carol 12/1988 0:02:36 1988-73 Kings Island Winterfest
Lakota Band Members Celebrate Greg’s Birthday. Greg, Alex, Staci Hathaway, Susie Lightfoot 1/1989 0:04:25 1989-01 Greg’s Birthday
Alex Climbs on Potty. Alex 1/31/1989 0:00:34 1989-02 Potty
Alex Plays on Waterbed. Alex 2/1/1989 0:00:51 1989-03 Water Bed
Alex and Dad Play with Balloons. Alex, Greg 2/1/1989 0:01:51 1989-04 Balloons
Alex Climbs in His Dresser and Plays with Dad. Alex, Greg   0:00:54 1989-05 Alex Drawers
Alex Plays with Balloons. Alex 2/19/1989 0:00:28 1989-06 Balloons
Alex Rides Roller Horse and Bouncy Horse. Alex 3/10/1989 0:01:16 1989-07 Horsey
Alex Plays with Ginger and Dad at Gma and Gpa’s. Alex, Greg   0:00:55 1989-08 Doggie
Alex Plays on the Bed with Dad. Laughing and Baby Talking. Alex, Greg   0:02:33 1989-09 Bed Time
Lakota Marching Thunderbirds in Red’s Opening Day Parade. Greg, Alex   0:01:38 1989-10 Reds Parade
Alex Plays with Dad at Freedom Elementary Playground Five Years Before He Goes to School There. Alex, Greg 4/25/1989 0:02:27 1989-11 Alex and Dad on Playground
Alex Rides His Trike. Alex 5/1989 0:01:13 1989-12 Trike
Nancy Metzger’s Shower. Nancy Metzger 5/1989 0:00:17 1989-13 Nancy’s Shower
“Try it Too!” Alex 5/22/1989 0:01:19 1989-14 Two
Alex Rides His Dad’s Bouncy Horse to William Tell. Alex   0:00:48 1989-15 William Tell Overture
Alex and Dad Play at Sawyer Point. Alex, Dad   0:00:49 1989-16 Playground
Alex Throws Helicopters and Stands by New Seedling in the Yard. Alex, Sandra   0:01:32 1989-17 Landscaping
Boating with Gma and Gpa. Alex, Carol, Geoff   0:02:57 1989-18 Boating
Alex and Jonathan Wearing Sunglasses at Mama and Boo’s. Eating a popsicle with Dad. Alex, Jonathan, Greg   0:01:09 1989-19 Popsicle
Alex and Jonathan in Sandra’s Childhood Tent. Alex, Jonathan   0:01:32 1989-20 Alex and Jonathan in Tent
Alex Discovers the Speakers. He Loves Music. Alex   0:00:42 1989-21 Alex Loves Music
Alex Plays in Ball Pit at Americana. Alex   0:01:50 1989-22 Alex at Americana
Softball Game at Snyder Family Reunion. Greg, Geoff   0:00:59 1989-23 Snyder Reunion
Alex Plays in Backyard at Gma and Gpa’s. Swings with Gma. Alex, Carol   0:02:51 1989-24 Grandma and Grandpa Snyder
Snyder Family Reunion. Greg, Alex, Sandra 7/29/1989 0:01:11 1989-25 Snyder Reunion
Alex’s 2nd Birthday. Alex, Stephanie Parrott, Greg, Jonathan, Elizabeth Snyder 8/5/1989 0:03:07 1989-26 Alex’s 2nd Birthday
Alex Plays Blocks with Boo. Says Alphabet with Dad. Alex, Homan, Greg 8/5/1989 0:02:25 1989-27 Blocks with Boo Boo
Alex Plays with Dad at Sharon Woods. Alex, Greg 8/1989 0:02:45 1989-28 Park
Alex Plays Frisbee at Mama and Boo’s. Alex 8/1989 0:01:26 1989-29 Frisbee at Momma’s and Boo Boo’s
Alex is a Clown for Halloween. Alex 10/31/1989 0:02:37 1989-30 Halloween
“I wan Gee Up.” Alex 11/1989 0:00:35 1989-31 Nap Time
Jonathan’s Birthday. Alex 11/1989 0:00:33 1989-32 Jonathan’s Birthday
Dad Reads Alex His First Garfield Comic. Alex, Greg 11/1989 0:01:04 1989-33 Comics
Alex’s First Night in Big Bed. Mom Reads Goodnight Moon to Alex. Alex, Sandra 11/26/1989 0:01:14 1989-34 Good Night Moon in Big Bed
OCCL Christmas Party at the Library. Alex 0:01:01 1989-35 Christmas Party
Alex Feeds Fozzy Bear. Alex 12/1989 0:00:59 1989-36 Feeding Fozzy
Alex Tries on Buddy’s Shoes. Alex 12/16/1989 0:00:24 1989-37 Buddy
Alex Helps Dad Shovel the Driveway. Alex, Greg 12/1989 0:01:18 1989-38 Shoveling Snow
Dad and Alex Read the Polar Express. Alex, Greg 12/1989 0:02:40 1989-39 Reading Polar Express
Alex and Jonathan Get Hot and Have a Jumpy Christmas. Alex, Jonathan 12/24/1989 0:04:16 1989-40 Christmas at Momma’s and Boo Boo’s
Alex and Jonathan Go Sledding with Uncle Barry. Alex, Jonathan, Barry 12/1989 0:01:48 1989-41 Sledding With Jonathan
More Jumpy Christmas at Mama and Boo’s. “A Two, a Fit-ty, a Fry!” Alex Gets Talking Mickey.and Tape Player. Alex, Jonathan 12/1989 0:04:48 1989-42 A Jumpy Christmas - Skaggs
Snyder Christmas. Grandpa Reads to Alex. Alex Wants More Kiss from Grandma. Alex’s Boots Collapse. Alex Rides Bike in Basement with Bert and Ernie. Jill, Carol, Geoff, Don, Alex, Sandra 12/25/1989 0:06:46 1989-43 Christmas at Grandma’s and Granpa’s
Alex’s First Haircut. Gets Haircut with Dad. Alex, Greg 12/1989 0:01:27 1990-01 Haircut
Alex Does "Walking to School" with Rafi in Browns Slippers. Alex 12/1989 0:00:25 1990-02 Browns
Alex Plays Mini Golf at Florida Hotel. Alex 12/1989 0:00:40 1990-03 Putt Putt
Alex Watches Mickey Show with Dad at Magic Kingdom. Alex Meets Mickey in Mouse. Alex, Greg 12/1989 0:01:03 1990-04 Mickey Mouse
Alex at Magic Kingdom. Alex, Greg 12/1989 0:01:16 1990-05 Disney
Lakota Marching Thuderbirds in Disney Electric LightParade. Alex, Greg 12/1989 0:01:59 1990-06 Disney Parade
"Daddy, I’m Briving!" Alex 12/1989 0:00:20 1990-07 Bus
More Disney with Tigger and Winnie the Poo. Alex 1/1990 0:02:41 1990-08 Disney
Alex Window Gazing. Alex 1/1990 0:00:11 1990-09 Window Gazing
Alex Plays in Basement. Alex 2/1990 0:01:01 1990-10 Alex in Basement
Alex and Dad Try Out New Pool Slide. Alex, Greg 6/1990 0:03:44 1990-11 Pool Slide
Alex Plays Croquet with Uncle Geoff. Alex, Geoff 7/1990 0:02:02 1990-12 Croquet
Alex "Reads "My First Book" from Betty and Sings His ABCs. Alex, Betty 7/1990 0:04:18 1990-13 Coloring Book and My First Book
Alex Gets Tomatoes from Gpa’s Garden. Alex 7/1990 0:00:34 1990-14 Tomato Time
Alex’s 3rd Birthday. Alex, Homan 8/5/1990 0:04:48 1990-15 Alex’s 3rd Birthday
Sibling Class at Christ Hospital. Alex 9/1990 0:02:39 1990-16 Baby Class
Alex and Dad in a Tickle Fight. Alex, Greg 9/1990 0:00:57 1990-17 Tickles
Alex and His Imagination in the Basement. Alex 9/1990 0:01:13 1990-18 Basement Banter
Alex Decorates for Christmas. Alex 12/1989 0:01:45 1990-19 Decorating for Christmas
Alex Plays with Neighbor’s Goat at Gma and Gpa’s. Alex, Geoff 7/1990 0:01:05 1990-20 Goat
Alex Visits Great Gpa’s Farm. Alex, Carol 7/1990 0:02:23 1990-21 On the Farm
Alex Tries Tuba. Alex, Greg 8/1990 0:00:45 1990-22 Tuba Time
Banana Man. Alex, Greg 8/1990 0:01:54 1990-23 Banana Man
Halloween Trick or Treating. Alex, Greg 10/1990 0:01:54 1990-24 Halloween
Alex on the Backyard Rings. Alex, Greg 9/1990 0:01:00 1990-25 On the Rings
Sibling Class. Alex 9/1990 0:01:09 1990-26 Sibling Class
Alex Serves Breakfast to Mom. Alex, Sandra 12/1990 0:00:23 1990-27 Alex Serves Breakfast
Alex Roller Skates. Alex 12/1990 0:01:36 1990-28 Alex Roller Skates
Christmas Gifts.   12/25/1990 0:00:32 1990-29 Christmas Gifts
Baby Adam in Santa Suit. Adam 12/1990 0:01:00 1990-30 Baby Adam
Gpa Pulls Alex on Tractor Sled Ride. Alex Goes Sledding. Alex, Don, Greg 12/1990 0:03:57 1990-31 Sledding and Grandma’s and Grandpa’s
Baby Adam. Adam, Greg 1/15/1991 0:00:53 1991-01 Baby Adam
Alex Feeds Adam Alex, Adam 1/1991 0:00:22 1991-02 Alex Feeds Adam
Alex Sledding in Backyard. Alex 1/1991 0:02:03 1991-03 Alex Sledding
Alex Drinks Hot Chocolate after Sledding. Alex 1/1991 0:01:29 1991-04 Alex Hot Chocolate
Alex Sledding with Dad. Alex, Greg 1/1991 0:01:27 1991-05 Alex Sledding With Dad
Adam Sleeps with Dad. Alex Works Very Hard to Remove Snowpants. Alex, Greg, Adam 1/1991 0:01:07 1991-06 Adam Sleeping With Dad
Alex Routinely Visits Adam in His Crib. Alex, Adam 1/1991 0:04:37 1991-07 Crib Time
Alex Looks Through His Baby Book with Dad. Alex, Greg 2/7/1991 0:02:19 1991-08 Alex Pictures With Dad
More of Ales Looking Through His Baby Book with Dad. Alex, Greg 2/7/1991 0:00:50 1991-09 Pictures
The Three Amigos and Alex. Adam, Sandra, Greg, Alex, Jill, Sherry, Ryan, Dave, Geoff, Jake 4/1991 0:04:42 1991-10 Three Amigos
Alex Writes His First A on His Chalk Board. Alex 3/2/1991 0:01:29 1991-11 Chalk Board
Alex Sings to and Soothes Adam. Alex, Adam 3/1991 0:01:45 1991-12 Bedtime
Alex Reads “Where is Spot.” Alex 3/6/1991 0:03:14 1991-13 Where is Spot
Alex Sings “Rock-a-Bye Baby” to Adam and Soothes Him. Alex, Adam 3/1991 0:01:03 1991-14 Rock a Bye Baby
Alex and Adam Being Silly Under the Blanket. Alex, Adam 3/1991 0:02:25 1991-15 Brothers
Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Baskets on Easter Morning. West Chester Easter Egg Hunt. Alex, Adam 4/1991 0:03:55 1991-16 Baskets and Egg Hunt
Indianapolis Children’s Museum. Alex, Adam   0:03:18 1991-17 Kids Museum
      0:06:43 1991-18 Kids Museum
Gym Class at the YMCA. Alex   0:08:22 1991-19 Alex YMCA
Adam Plays on Blanket and Alex Plays with Blocks. Alex, Adam 5/21/1991 0:03:17 1991-20 Blankets and Blocks
Adam and Grandma. Adam, Carol 5/1991 0:00:35 1991-21 Adam and Grandma Snyder
Adam’s Dedication at Tri-County Baptist Church. Adam, Greg, Sandra, Homan, Wanda, Don, Carol 5/1991 0:04:25 1991-22 Adam Dedication
Sandra’s Birthday. Sandra , Betty, Carol, Alex, Adam, Greg, Homan, Wanda, Barry, Jonathan, Dale 5/1991 0:05:56 1991-23 Sandra’s Birthday
Alex Plays with Adam. “Kitchy, Kitchy, Coo!” Alex, Adam 5/1991 0:01:14 1991-24 Alex Plays With Adam
Alex Jumps in the Gym Before Prom. Alex 5/1991 0:00:35 1991-25 Alex Jump
Alex Helps Adam Sit Up. Adam, Alex 6/11/1991 0:02:28 1991-26 Adam Sits Up
Alex Plays Miniature Golf. Alex 6/1991 0:00:56 1991-27 Putt Putt
Alex Sings “Deep and Wide.” Alex, Greg, Adam 6/1991 0:00:59 1991-28 Deep and Wide
Adam Doesn’t Like to Keep His Socks on. Adam 6/16/1991 0:00:44 1991-29 Adam Floor Time
Alex Reads the Newspaper. Alex 6/1991 0:00:23 1991-30 Alex Reading Newspaper
Dad Makes Adam Laugh. Adam, Greg 7/1991 0:00:54 1991-31 Adam Laughs
Alex Loves on Adam in His Crib. Alex, Adam 7/1991 0:01:14 1991-32 Alex and Adam in Crib
Alex Talks about Hot Air Balloon. Balloon Goes Up for Great Grandpa’s Birthday. Alex, Don, Carol, Betty, Dale, Chester 7/1991 0:02:03 1991-33 Balloon Ride
Alex Sings to His Own Tune in Bed with Dad. Alex, Greg 7/1991 0:02:41 1991-34 Alex Singing in Bed
Alex at Kings Island Water Park. Alex 7/1991 0:01:29 1991-35 Alex Water Park
Adam Crawls. Adam 7/1991 0:00:38 1991-36 Adam Crawling
Mom Sack Race, Kid Sack Race, Three-Legged Race at Church. Alex, Sandra, Greg 7/1991 0:01:21 1991-37 Sack Race
Alex Plays Xylophone to His Own Tune. Alex, Adam 7/1991 0:02:38 1991-38 Alex Xylophone
Alex Feeds Adam. Alex, Adam 7/1991 0:02:15 1991-39 Alex Feeding Adam
Alex on a Pony Ride. Alex 7/1991 0:00:24 1991-40 Alex Pony Ride
Alex’s 4th Birthday. Alex Prays During Happy Birthday Song. Scary Robot. Alex Sings the B-I-B-L-E. Alex, Adam, Jonathan, Stephanie Parrott, Elizabeth Snyder, Don, Carol, Wanda, Homan, Josh and Nick Fields 8/1991 0:04:02 1991-41 Alex’s 4th Birthday
Alex Has Green Eggs and Ham for Breakfast. Alex 8/1991 0:01:38 1991-42 Green Eggs and Ham
Adam Pulls Himself Up and Cruises. Adam, Alex 8/1991 0:04:24 1991-43 Adam Pull Up
Alex Plays Ball. Adam Crawls. Alex, Adam 8/1991 0:02:22 1991-44 Kickball
Alex Plays Matchbox Cars. Alex, Adam 8/1991 0:01:08 1991-45 Matchbox Cars
Alex Makes His First Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. Alex 8/1991 0:01:22 1991-46 Peanut Butter and Jelly
Alex and Elizabeth Snyder Play on the Patio. Alex , Elizabeth Snyder 8/1991 0:00:54 1991-47 Water Fun
Adam Crawls. Adam 8/1991 0:02:10 1991-48 Adam Crawling
Alex Turns Box into Spaceship. Alex 9/1991 0:02:15 1991-49 Cardboard Box
Alex Sings in TCBC Grace Notes. “Kids Under Construction.” Alex, Rachel Chait, Becca Chait, Kristen Dreisig, Megan Hendrickson 10/1991 0:02:02 1991-50 Alex Church Choir
Alex Falls Asleep as Peter Pan. Alex 10/1991 0:01:01 1991-51 Peter Pan
Adam is Bunny Rabbit for Halloween. Adam 10/1991 0:00:35 1991-52 Halloween
Adam Cruises with Teddy Bear. Adam 11/1991 0:01:11 1991-53 Adam With Teddy Bear
Alex First Dance Recital. “When You Wish Upon a Star.” Alex, Josh? 11/1991 0:02:11 1991-54 Wish Upon a Star
Some of Adam’s First Steps. Adam Plays in His Coupe Car. Just Being Cute. Adam 11/1991 0:04:40 1991-55 Adam Little Coup Car
Alex Tells the Story of David and Goliath. Alex 11/1991 0:01:58 1992-01 Alex David and Goliath
Alex Plays Hide and Seek and Falls Asleep in a Box. Alex 1/1992 0:00:40 1992-02 Alex Sleeps in a box
Adam Rides Dad’s Bouncy Horse. Adam, Alex 1/1992 0:01:29 1992-03 Adam Rides Horse
Alex Smiles While He Jumps Alex, Adam 1/1992 0:00:58 1992-04 Alex Jumps
Adam Plays with His Sword. Finds Giant Straw to Put in His Mouth. Adam 2/1992 0:01:20 1992-05 Adam With a Sword
Chasing Adam Down the Hall. Adam 2/1992 0:00:37 1992-06 Chasing Adam
Adam Playing. Adam 2/1992 0:04:12 1992-07 Adam Playing
Alex and Adam Playing, Jumping and Dancing. Alex, Adam 2/1992 0:04:24 1992-08 Jumping
Such a Hippy, I was. Sandra 4/1992 0:00:41 1992-09 The Earth is a House
Adam Plays with Cars. Adam 4/1992 0:00:28 1992-10 Adam Cars
Alex Falls Asleep on Top of His Turtle Sandbox. (I’m seeing a theme here). Alex 4/1992 0:00:16 1992-11 Enjoying the sunset
Alex Exercises with the Easter Bunny at Tri-County Mall. Alex 4/1992 0:03:47 1992-12 Peter Rabbit at the Mall
Alex Wins a Toy Spree Drawing After Exercising with the Easter Bunny. Alex 4/1992 0:00:59 1992-13 Alex Racing at the Toy Store
Easter Egg Hunt in Canton. Alex, Adam 4/1992 0:03:01 1992-14 Egg Hunt
Alex Paints Easter Eggs. Alex 4/1992 0:05:32 1992-15 Egg Coloring
The Three Amigos and Alex. Easter in Canton. Alex, Adam, Ryan, Jake 4/1992 0:00:34 1992-16 Cousins
Easter Baskets Easter Morning. Alex, Adam 4/1992 0:02:13 1992-17 Baskets
Easter Morning Before Church. Jill, Dave, Ryan 4/1992 0:00:16 1992-18 Dressed for Sunday Service
Grandpa’s Easter Egg Hunt in the Backyard. Alex 4/1992 0:02:26 1992-19 Another Egg Hunt
Alex Dancing at Mama and Boo’s. Alex, Adam 4/1992 0:00:24 1992-20 Dancing at Momma’s and Boo Boo’s
Alex’s Dance Recital. “Happy Feet.” Alex, Josh? 5/1992 0:04:51 1992-21 Alex Dance
Alex the Chef. Alex 5/1992 0:00:55 1992-22 Cooking
Alex and Adam Play at Coney Island SummerFair. Alex, Adam 6/1992 0:01:01 1992-23 At the Park
Alex and Adam at Mama and Boo’s with Jonathan. Alex, Adam, Jonathan 7/1992 0:02:14 1992-24 At Momma’s and Boo Boo’s
Being Silly at the Zoo. Alex, Adam, Jonathan 7/1992 0:00:31 1992-25 Goofballs
OCCL Field Trip to the Cincinnati Fire Museum. Alex 7/1992 0:00:29 1992-26 Cincinnati Fire Museum
Swim Lessons at Courtyard. Alex 7/1992 0:01:49 1992-27 Pool
Swim Lessons at Courtyard. Alex, Adam 7/1992 0:01:34 1992-28 More Pool
Myrtle Beach. Alex, Adam 7/1992 0:09:45 1992-29 At the Beach
Safety Town. Alex 7/1992 0:02:50 1992-30 Safety Town
Alex’s 5th Birthday. Alex, Adam, Jonathan, Homan, Greg, Sandra, Barry, Wanda, Carol 8/1/1992 1:28:55 1992-31 Alex’s 5th Birthday
Getting Ready for Soccer. Alex, Adam 9/1992 0:01:18 1992-32 Getting Ready for Soccer
Red Hots Soccer Game Alex 9/1992 0:01:46 1992-33 Soccer
King of the Hill. Alex 9/1992 0:02:27 1992-34 Alex King of the Hill
Adam Climbs the Hill. Adam, Alex 9/1992 0:03:48 1992-35 Dirt Pile
Alex is Elephant for Pre-School Halloween Parade. Trick or Treating. Adam is Clown. Alex, Adam 10/1992 0:01:44 1992-36 Halloween
Alex Dance Recital. Alex 11/1992 0:01:15 1992-37 Alex Dance
Adam’s 2nd Birthday. Adam, Alex, Jonathan, Greg 11/1992 0:03:56 1992-38 Adam’s Pilgrim 2nd Birthday
OCCL Christmas Party at the Library. Alex, Adam 12/1992 0:02:06 1992-39 OCCL Christmas
Christmas Morning. Alex, Adam 12/1992 0:02:44 1992-40 Christmas Home
Christmas at Gma and Gpa’s. Adam, Jill 12/1992 0:00:16 1992-41 Snyder Christmas
Our Great King. Alex, Adam 12/1992 0:00:27 1992-42 Our Great King
Our Great King. The Story of Jonah. Alex 12/1992 0:03:02 1992-43 Our Great King
Trike and Bike in the Basement. Alex, Adam 1/1993 0:00:58 1993-01 Trike and Bike
Eating Snow and Making Snow Angels. Alex, Adam 1/1993 0:01:53 1993-02 Eating Snow
Alex’s Dance Recital. Alex 2/10/1993 0:02:41 1993-03 Alex Dance
Adam the Jumping Clown. Adam 3/1993 0:01:31 1993-04 Adam Jumping Clown
Pre-School Cowboy Roundup Day. Alex, Sandra 5/1993 0:06:36 1993-05 Alex Cowboy
Alex Rides His Bike for One of the First Times. Alex, Adam, Adam Smith   0:01:16 1993-06 Alex Back Yard Biker
Going on a Hiking Safari in the Forest. Alex, Adam 6/2/1993 0:09:59 1993-07 Exploring
Gam and Gpa’s Neighbor Takes Adam and Alex on a Pony Carriage Ride. Adam, Alex, Greg   0:02:16 1993-08 Pony Carriage
Croquet at Gma and Gpa’s. Adam, Ryan, Jake, Geoff   0:00:45 1993-09 Croquet
Alex Plays T-Ball. Alex, Adam   0:05:07 1993-10 Alex Baseball
Alex Going “Around the Ring” on Gma and Gpa’s Swing. Alex   0:00:58 1993-11 Alex Swinging
“Pied Piper of Hamelin” at the Library. Alex, Miss Lori   0:06:02 1993-12 Alex Play
First Time Plastic Racquet Tennis. Alex, Adam, Greg   0:01:06 1993-13 Tennis
Indianapolis Children’s Museum. Alex, Adam, Greg, Sandra   0:10:06 1993-14 Childrens Museum
Alex’s Family 6th Birthday. He Gets First Real Tennis Racquet. He Gets Furry. Alex, Adam, Jonathan, Carol 8/5/1993 0:06:46 1993-15 Alex’s 6th Birthday
Alex’s Friend 6th Birthday at Chuck E Cheese. Alex, Adam, Jonathan, Adam Smith, Brad Duban, Michael Titus, Megan Carter 8/1993 0:03:23 1993-16 Alex’s 6th Birthday
Alex Sells Lemonade and Hearts. “I’m going to save enough to buy a boat like Grandpa.” Alex 8/1993 0:02:43 1993-17 Alex Lemonade
Alex’s First Day of Kindergarten. Alex, Adam 8/1993 0:03:40 1993-18 Alex First Day Kindergarten
Alex’s Second Day of Kindergarten. Alex, Adam, Missy, Matt and Mandy Dunn 8.93 0:01:29 1993-19 Alex Second Day of Kindergarten
Adam Finds a Worm. “The worm has no hands. I just like to play with him. The worm has no hands to do work. There’s a fly on my cup.” Adam 8/1993 0:02:34 1993-20 Adam Fly on My Cup
Adam is a Script Ohio Drummer. Adam 9/1993 0:01:06 1993-21 Adam Script Ohio Drummer
Adam Rides Dad’s Bouncy Horse. “The baby was lying in the manger.” Adam 10/1993 0:01:46 1993-22 Adam Riding a Horse
“I love Batman and Jesus. I love my horsey. I love balls. I love a goat. The horsey has a mouth so he can eat. I have no food. Let’s get some for him right now.” Adam 10/1993 0:02:01 1993-23 I Love Batman and Jesus
Adam’s 3rd Birthday-at Gma and Gpa’s. Adam, Alex, Ryan, Jill, Carol, Nathan, Betty, Dale, Geoff 11/1993 0:06:05 1993-24 Adam’s 3rd Birthday
Jumping Before Bedtime at Gma and Gpa’s. Alex, Adam, Jake, Betty, Dale 11/1993 0:01:03 1993-25 PJ Party
Alex Dance Recital. Alex, Michael Titus, Mandy Dunn, Megan Carter 12/1993 0:02:55 1993-26 Alex Dance
Christmas at Gma and Gpa’s. “I always wished for roller blades and here they are!“ Alex, Adam, Carol, Don, Sandra 12/1993 0:03:56 1993-27 Snyder Christmas
Christmas Morning. Alex, Adam 12/25/1993 0:06:21 1993-28 Christmas Home
Wet N Wild and Epcot. Alex, Adam, Greg 12/1993 0:02:39 1993-29 Wet N Wild and EPCOT
Magic Kingdom. 12:20: “If it’s really important, never give up on it.” Alex, Adam, Greg, Band Kids 12/1993 0:13:32 1993-30 Florida Trip
Cowboys and Christian Soldiers. “The battle is in the bedroom.” Alex, Adam 1/1994 0:04:22 1994-01 Cowboys and Knights
Alex the Chef: Pancake eyes; pink and brown milk; peanut butter, jelly, balana. Alex, Adam, Greg 2/1994 0:02:19 1994-02 Alex the Chef
Preparing the Garden. Alex 4/1994 0:00:22 1994-03 Wheelbarrow
Grandpa’s Easter Egg Hunt. Alex, Adam, Jake, Ryan 4/1994 0:01:08 1994-04 Grandpa’s Egg Hunt
Bubble Bath. Alex, Adam 5/1994 0:01:20 1994-05 Bubble Bath
Alex’s Dance Recital. Alex 6/12/1994 0:01:45 1994-06 Alex Dance
Alex and Adam Dance. Smooth Dancers. “It’s OK to say no.” Alex, Adam 6/1994 0:02:12 1994-07 Alex Adam Dance
Alex Reads about Cookie Monster. Alex, Adam, Greg 6/1994 0:02:57 1994-08 Alex Reading About Cookie Monster
Alex on the Monkey Bars and rings and Adam Climbs the Spiral Ladder at Sharon Woods. Alex, Adam 10/23/1994 0:03:11 1994-09 Playground
Discovery Zone with the Cousins. Adam, Alex, Ryan, Jake, Greg, Nathan, Dave, Geoff 11/1994 0:08:02 1994-10 Discovery Zone
Alex’s Water 7th Birthday. Alex, Adam, Jonathan, Jake, Matt Dunn, Chris Guttag, Megan Carter, Mandy Dunn, Missy Dunn, Geoff, Taylor Gordon 8/1994 0:06:54 1994-11 Alex’s 7th Birthday
Adam’s Friend 4th Birthday at Chuck E Cheese. Adam, Alex, Mark Dunn, David Smith, Sandra, Stephanie Duban, Chris Chain. Brad Duban 11/1994 0:10:19 1994-12 Adam’s 4th Birthday
Adam’s Family 4th Birthday at Discovery Zone Adam, Alex, Jill, Carol, Dave, Sandra, Ryan, Nathan 11/26/1994 0:05:19 1994-13 Adam’s 4th Birthday Discovery Zone
Alex on Gpa’s Three Wheeler. Alex 11/1994 0:01:35 1994-14 All Terrain Vehicle
Adam’s Family 4th Birthday. Adam, Alex, Sandra, Carol, Jill, Don, Betty, Dale, Dave, Chester 11/1994 0:03:28 1994-15 Birthdays With Cousins
Adam’s Preschool Christmas Program. Adam 12/16/1994 0:05:07 1994-16 Adam Preschool
Alex and Adam Open Their Nutcrackers. “We’re going to see the Nutcracker tonight!” Alex, Adam, Sandra 12/22/1994 0:01:42 1994-17 Christmas Home
The Piano Arrives and Christmas Morning. Alex, Adam, Greg 12/23/25/1994 0:09:43 1994-18 New Piano and Christmas Home
Alex and Adam Sing in Children’s Choir for Cornerstone Church Christmas Program. Sandra Directs. Alex, Adam, Sandra 12/1994 0:02:47 1994-19 Alex Adam Cornerstone Choir
Christmas at Gma and Gpa’s. Alex, Adam, Ryan, Jake, Nathan, Julie, Geoff, Jill 12/1994 0:00:55 1994-20 Snyder Christmas
Bubble Bath. Alex, Adam 1/1995 0:01:56 1995-01 Bubble Bath
Alex Rafting on the Beach. Alex 4/1995 0:00:17 1995-02 Rafting
Alex Plays Recorder at Freedom Talent Show. Dad Accompanies Him. Alex, Greg 4/1995 0:03:34 1995-03 Alex Playing Recorder
Easter Morning Egg Hunt and Egg Hunt After Church. Alex, Adam 4/1995 0:05:50 1995-04 Egg Hunt
Alex Plays Piano in TCBC Youth in Concert. Alex 4/1995 0:01:00 1995-05 Alex Youth in Concert
Alex and Adam Ride the Chattanooga Choo-Choo with Lakota Symphonic Winds. Adam Blows the Train Whistle. Alex and Adam Meet the Conductor. Alex, Adam 4/1995 0:01:32 1995-06 Train Ride Chattanooga
Adam’s Preschool End-of-Year Program. Adam 5/1995 0:03:52 1995-07 Adam Preschool
Adam Sings Awana Cubbie Song. Adam 5/1995 0:00:29 1995-08 Cubbie Song
Preschool Visits Symphonic Winds Rehearsal. Adam Conducts “Oh, I Just Can’t Wait to be King” and Plays Percussion. Adam, Greg, Jill Everett Wilhelm, Matt Brooker 5/1995 0:07:03 1995-09 Adam Band Day
Alex Sings with TCBC Gracenotes. Alex, Matt Rawlins, Jennifer DeGroft, Megan Doak, Beth Eriksen, 5/1995 0:05:46 1995-10 Alex Gracenotes
Alex Receives Baseball Trophy. Deserved? I dunno. Alex 5/1995 0:00:49 1995-11 Alex Baseball
Alex and Adam Play Toy Flute. Alex, Adam 6/1995 0:05:41 1995-12 Recorder
Alex Plays “Good King Wenceslas.” Adam Sings “Hallelu” and “I’m in the Lord’s Army.” Alex, Adam, Sandra 6/1995 0:03:32 1995-13 Alex Piano
Alex and Adam Find a Rainbow. Alex, Adam 6/1995 0:00:32 1995-14 Rainbow
Fourth of July at Uncle Geoff’s. Alex, Adam, Jake, Julie 7/1995 0:03:32 1995-15 Sparklers
The ? Beach. Alex, Adam, Sandra, Greg 7/14/1995 0:02:34 1995-16 Beach
Water Chimes. Alex, Adam 7/16/1995 0:01:50 1995-17 Water Chimes
Stuffed Animal School. Alex, Adam 7/20/1995 0:00:39 1995-18 Stuffed Animal School
Alex the Videographer in Gma and Gpa’s Backyard. Don 7/22/1995 0:02:43 1995-19 Picnic
Alex’s Pirate 8th Birthday. Alex, Adam, Matt Rawlins, Russell Bird, Chris and Allen Guttag, Adam Smith, Taylor Gordon, Homan, Wanda, Sandra 8/5/1995 0:08:05 1995-20 Alex Pirate 8th Birthday
Safety Town at Tri-County Mall. Adam 8/11/1995 0:01:37 1995-21 Adam Safety Town
First Day of School. Alex, Mandy Dunn 8/29/1995 0:00:37 1995-22 First Day of School
Alex Tells Adam Bedtime Story. Alex, Adam 9/8/1995 0:00:48 1995-23 Bedtime Story
Band Kid Tee Pee. Greg, Alex, Adam 9/16/1995 0:00:37 1995-24 Tee Peed
Alex Plays Piano. Alex 10/7/1995 0:00:56 1995-25 Alex Piano
Alex Sings with TCBC Gracenotes. Alex, Beth Eriksen, Carol Schweinberg, Kate Brumback, Annie Leach, Matt Rawlins, Elizabeth Lewis, Matthew Doak 10/8/1995 0:03:17 1995-26 Alex Gracenotes
Alex Plays Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” on Piano. Alex 10/21/1995 0:00:40 1995-27 Alex Piano
Adam’s Preschool Halloween Parade. Trick or Treating. Adam, Alex 10/31/1995 0:02:56 1995-28 Halloween
Adam’s Lion King 5th Birthday. Adam, Alex, Sandra, Wanda, Jonathan, David Smith, Allen Guttag, Chris Chain, 11/26/1995 0:02:55 1995-29 Adam’s 5th Birthday
Adam Sings and Plays Handbells with Four and Five Alive at TCBC. Adam, Sandra, Liz Sudlow, Evan Shank, Zac Stone, Lindsey Landers, CJ Miller, Hannah Cunningham, 11/26/1995 0:03:12 1995-30 Adam Bell Choir
The Little Gym. Adam 12/15/1995 0:05:06 1995-31 Adam at the Gym
Chris Brandenburg Plays Twelve Day of Christmas. Alex Sings with Alex Barlow. Alex, Alex Barlow, Chris Brandenburg, Mike and Debbie Peters, Dave Thomas 12/15/1995 0:00:59 1995-32 Alex Twelve Days of Christmas
Adam Sings at Christmas with TCBC Gracenotes. Adam, Chase Summerlin CJ Miller, Kristen White,, John Funtik, Alyssa Davis, Meredith Baum 12/17/1995 0:01:33 1995-33 Adam Christmas Choir
Adam’s Preschool Christmas Program. Adam 12/19/1995 0:04:19 1995-34 Adam Preschool
Christmas Morning. 15:20 is Happy Birthday to Jesus. Alex, Adam 12/25/1995 0:17:06 1995-35 Christmas Home
Alex and Adam Try New Skis and Sled on Christmas. Alex, Adam, Greg 12/25/1995 0:01:27 1995-36 Sledding on Christmas
Warming Up After Sledding. Alex, Adam 12/25/1995 0:03:02 1995-37 More Christmas at Home
Drifting Snow Play. Alex, Adam, Greg 1/7/1996 0:00:49 1996-01 Snow
Alex Plays Piano. Alex 1/7/1996 0:01:00 1996-02 Alex Piano
Alex’s Delivery System. Alex, Adam 1/15/1996 0:04:22 1996-03 Alex Delivery System
Four and Five Alive at TCBC. Story of Zacchus. Adam, Hannah Cunningham, CJ Miller, Lindsey Landers, Scott?, Chase Summerlin, Crystal White, Jordyn Dresbach 3/10/1996 0:02:55 1996-04 Adam 4 and 5 Zaccheas
Second Grade Presentation and Freedom Talent Show. Alex and Ben are Magicians. Alex Plays Piano, Too. Alex, Ben Valentine 3/13/1996 0:07:28 1996-05 Alex School Play Ben Do Deg
Easter Egg Hunt in Canton. Adam, Ryan, Dave, Don, Jill, Nathan 4/6/1996 0:00:54 1996-06 Egg Hunt
Youhin Concert at TCBC. Alex Plays Piano. Adam Sings, “Jesus Was a Child Like Me.” Alex, Adam 4/28/1996 0:02:56 1996-07 Alex Adam Jesus Was a Child Like Me
Four and Five Alive. The Story of Peter When Jesus Walks on Water. Adam, Megan Hendrickson, Hannah Cunningham, Chase Summerlin, Matthew Doak, CJ Miller, Zac Sone, Michael Rawlins 4/1996 0:02:03 1996-08 Adam 4 and 5 Alive
Toronto and Niagara Falls with Symphonic Winds. Alex, Adam 5/12/1996 0:01:47 1996-09 Toronto Niagara Falls
Adam Preschool Program. Adam 5/16/1996 0:08:09 1996-10 Adam School Music
Alex is Baptized. Alex, Pastor Lew Davis 5/19/1996 0:01:16 1996-11 Alex’s Baptism
Adam’s Dance Recital. Adam 6/15/1996 0:06:30 1996-12 Alex Dance
Adam Plays T-Ball. Adam 6/26/1996 0:04:16 1996-13 Adam Baseball
Alex Holds Class and Teaches Adam in the Basement. Alex, Adam 7/17/1996 0:02:58 1996-14 Alex Adam Having School
Adam Rides His Bike without Training Wheels. Adam, Alex 8/1/1996 0:02:17 1996-15 Adam Bicycle
Alex’s Olympics 9th Birthday. Alex, Adam, Chris and Allen Guttag, Jonathan, Joey Vella, Taylor Gordon, Homan, Don, Neil? 8/3/1996 0:03:33 1996-16 Alex’s 9th Birthday
Alex’s Olympics 9th Birthday. Alex, Adam, Chris and Allen Guttag, Jonathan, Joey Vella, Taylor Gordon, Homan, Don, Neil? 8/3/1996 0:12:44 1996-17 Alex’s 9th Birthday
First Day of Third Grade and Kindergarten. Alex, Adam 8/26/1996 0:04:04 1996-18 School Starts
Alex Plays Taps on a Trumpet Mouthpiece. Alex 9/26/1996 0:01:05 1996-19 Alex Taps on a Mouthpiece
Adam Plays Soccer. Adam 10/26/1996 0:10:37 1996-20 Adam Soccer
Adam Sings in TCBC Songbirds. Adam, Chase Summerlin, Jordyn Dresbach, Lindsey Landers, Michael Rawlins , Beth Erikson, Elizabeth Lewis, Matthew Doak, Brian DeGroft 10/27/1996 0:04:30 1996-21 Adam Church Choir
Trick or Treat. Alex is Garfield. Adam is Simba. Alex, Adam, Greg 10/31/1996 0:01:32 1996-22 Halloween
Alex Plays Piano. Alex 11/18/1996 0:01:54 1996-23 Alex Piano
Adam’s Surprise Clown 7th Birthday. Adam, Alex, Eric Sears, Mark Dunn, Hannah Cunningham, CJ Miller, Yui?, TJ, Stephanie Duban, Evan Shank, Chase Summerlin, Sandra, Greg 11/22/1997 0:20:07 1996-24 Adam’s 6th Birthday With Clown
Adam Sings a Song He Learned at ArtRageous Saturday. Alex Sings Shepherd Boy to Prepare for Cantata. Alex 11/22/1996 0:02:56 1996-25 Shepherd Boy
Adam’s Cowboy 6th Birthday. Adam, Alex, Stephanie Duban, Chase Summerlin, Mark Dunn, CJ Miller, Allen Guttag, Evan Shank, David Smith, Mandy Dunn, Eric Sears 11/26/1996 0:15:48 1996-26 Adam’s Cowboy 6th Birthday
Adam’s Dance Rehearsal. More of Adam’s Cowboy Birthday. Adam, Alex, Stephanie Duban, Chase Summerlin, Mark Dunn, CJ Miller, Allen Guttag, Evan Shank, David Smith, Mandy Dunn, Eric Sears 12/17/1996 0:13:20 1996-27 Adam Christmas Dance
Christmas Morning. Alex, Adam 12/25/1996 0:10:40 1996-28 Christmas at Home
Lakota Marching Thunderbirds March in the Citrus Bowl Parade. Alex, Adam and Chris Thomas Carry the Banner. Alex, Adam, Greg, Chris Thomas, Hal Hobe 12/28/1996 0:02:24 1996-29 Citrus Parade
Adam’s Dance Rehearsal. Twist and Shout. Adam, ?, Chase 2/25/1997 0:07:42 1997-01 Adam Dance
More Adam’s Dance Rehearsal. Adam, ?, Chase 2/25/1997 0:02:13 1997-02 Adam Dance
Alex Plays Piano in Freedom’s Talent Show. Adam Plays Recorder. Adam and Alex Do the Macarana at the End. Alex, Adam 3/22/1997 0:02:37 1997-03 Talent Show
Yankee Doodle Dandies. Adam, Stephanie Duban, Mark Dunn, Derek Mueller 4/10/1997 0:00:46 1997-04 Yankee Doodle
Adam Dance Rehearsal. Adam, ?, Chase 4/22/1997 0:10:43 1997-05 Adam Dance
? ? 4/27/1997 1:32:16 1997-06 Tri County Baptist Church Youth in Concert
Alex Plays in John Dendieu’s Piano Recital. Alex, Elizabeth Lewis 5/18/1997 0:02:50 1997-07 Alex Piano
Last Day of Kindergarten. Adam is a First Grader! Adam 6/4/1997 0:01:44 1997-08 Adam First Grader
Adam’s Dance Recital. “Twist and Shout.” Adam 6/11/1997 0:03:09 1997-09 Adam Cowboy Dance
Alex’s Family 10th Birthday at White House Inn. Star Wars Friend Birthday in the Backyard. Alex, Adam, Sandra, Joathan, Wanda, Barry, Carol, Joey Vella, Matt Rawlins, Jonathan Pyrak, ? Sears, Ben Valentine 8/2/1997 0:13:33 1997-10 Alex’s 10th Birthday
Mason Heritage Parade. Alex and Adam Carry Banner. Alex, Adam 8/23/1997 0:00:16 1997-11 Parade
First Day of Fourth Grade and First Grade. Alex, Adam, Cindy Dunn 9/2/1997 0:01:07 1997-12 First Day of School
Adam Plays Soccer. Adam 10/25/1997 0:00:03 1997-13 Adam Soccer
Trick or Treating on Halloween. Alex is Robot. Adam is a Cowboy. Alex, Adam, Elizabeth Fisher, Michael Fisher 10/31/1997 0:01:51 1997-14 Halloween
Adam Sings in TCBC Songbirds. Adam, Hannah Cunningham, Karen Bird, Matthew Doak, Chase Summerlin, Eric Sears, Dresbach, Brian DeGroft, Peter Cunningham, Lindsey Landers, Michael Rawlins, Steve Davis 11/16/1997 0:08:04 1997-15 Adam Church Choir
Christmas Morning, Christmas at Gma and Gpa’s. Alex, Adam, Greg, Wanda, Homan, Carol, Don, Jake, Julie, Geoff, Ryan, Nathan, Jill 12/25/1997 0:17:07 1997-16 Christmas at Home
Alex Reads Garfield to Adam in the Top Bunk. Alex, Adam 1/16/1998 0:01:48 1998-01 Alex Reading to Adam
Freedom Musical: “Readin’ and Writin’.“ Alex 3/6/1998 0:03:46 1998-02 Alex Readin an Ritin
Easter Morning. Alex, Adam 4/12/1998 0:02:14 1998-03 Easter
Alex and Adam Play Piano in TCBC Youth in Concert. Alex, Adam 4/26/1998 0:02:35 1998-04 Adam and Alex Play Piano Church
“Secret of My Success” Musical at TCBC. Alex, Russell Bird, Elizabeth Lewis, Megan Doak, Matt Rawlins, Matt Harris, Jim Bird, Jennifer DeGroft, Sarah Coleman, Emily Coleman 5/3/1998 0:11:28 1998-05 Alex Church Play - Secret of My Success
Alex and Adam Play in Denise Dahlstrom’s Piano Recital. Alex, Adam 6/1/1998 0:04:16 1998-06 Adam Alex School Piano
Emerald Isle, SC with Cousins. Alex, Adam, Greg, Geoff, Julie 6/17/1998 0:10:21 1998-07 Beach
Margot Comes Home. Alex, Adam, Margot 6/22/1998 0:05:13 1998-08 Margo
Margot Plays with Adam. Adam, Margot 7/21/1998 0:01:30 1998-09 Margo
Alex’s Star Wars 11th Birthday. Alex, Adam, Russell Bird, Matt Rawlins, Adam Smith, Jonathan Pyrak, Chris Barrows, Sandra, Sean Tierney, Taylor Gordon, Christopher Guttag 8/4/1998 0:03:18 1998-10 Alex’s 11th Birthday
Alex and His Rocket Men. Alex, Adam, Russell Bird, Matt Rawlins, Austin, Sean Tierney, Sandra 8/1999 0:06:47 1998-11 Alex’s 11th Birthday Rocketmen
Alex Gets a Bike for His Birthday. Alex, Adam, Greg, Margot 8/5/1998 0:03:16 1998-12 Bike Bike
Alex Family 11th Birthday. Alex, Adam, Jonathan, Ryan, Nathan, Jake, Homan, Carol, Sandra 8/8/1998 0:01:22 1998-13 More Birthday
First Day of School. Alex 8/24/1998 0:00:26 1998-14 First School Day
First Day of School Again? Alex, Adam 8/31/1998 0:00:30 1998-15 School Starts
Lakota West Marching Firebirds Western Show. Adam is a Cowboy. He Falls off the Fence. Yikes! Adam, Greg 10/23/1998 0:04:05 1998-16 Adam Dressed as Cowboy Halftime
Adam Plays Football. He’s Number 1. Adam 10/24/1998 0:01:21 1998-17 Adam Football
Musical about Jonah at TCBC. Adam is Little Boy Who Dreams. Alex is Captain and Sings "To Delay is to Disobey." Adam, Alex, Jennifer DeGroft, Annie Leach, Kristen Dreisig, Peter Cunningham, Brian DeGroft, Meredith Baum, Lyn Cunningham, Hannah Cunningham, Emily Coleman 11/1998 0:16:22 1998-18 Church Sailor Program - Adam Dreamer
Adam’s Pirate 8th Birthday. Adam, Erica Titus, Matt Brooker,CJ Miller, Chase Summerlin, Sean?, Ben?, Nathan LeVay 11/1998 0:01:53 1998-19 Adam’s Pirate 8th Birthday
Adam’s Family 8th Birthday. Adam, Alex, Ryan, Nathan, Sandra, Jill, Dave, Wanda, Carol, Don, Homan, Barry 11/26/1998 0:04:36 1998-20 Adam’s Pilgrim 8th Birthday
Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning. Alex, Adam, Jonathan, Barry, Greg, Homan, Wanda 12/25/1998 0:05:08 1998-21 Christmas at Home
Christmas Morning. Christmas Afternoon at Gma and Gpa’s. Alex, Adam, Greg, Don, Dave, Ryan, Nathan, Jake, Julie, Sandra, Carol 12/25/1998 0:12:36 1998-22 Christmas
Adam Sings with TCBC Songbirds and Plays Handbells. Adam, Lindsey Landers, Chase Summerlin, John Funtik, Phillip Rawlins 2/21/1999 0:02:09 1999-01 Adam Bell Choir
Alex Sings in TCBC Songbirds. Adam Sings, “Jesus Showed Us God’s Love“ and Alex Plays “Amazing Grace“ for Youth in Concert. Alex, Adam, Megan Doak, Meredith Baum, Matthew Doak, Elizabeth Lewis, Whitney Dresbach, ?Dresbach, 4/18/1999 0:07:45 1999-02 Alex Adam Church Choir
Adam Plays Baseball. Adam 5/1999 0:03:43 1999-03 Adam Baseball
Emerald Isle, SC with Cousins. Alex, Adam, Jake, Julie, 7/1999 0:01:09 1999-04 Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle, SC with Cousins. Alex, Adam, Jake, Julie, Carol, Geoff, Dave, Jill, Ryan, Nathan, Greg 7/1999 0:05:16 1999-05 Beach
Alex’s Family 12th Birthday. Alex, Sandra 8/5/1999 0:00:22 1999-06 Alex’s 12th Birthday
Alex Practices Trumpet for First Time. Alex 8/1999 0:02:07 1999-07 Alex Plays Trumpet
Adam Explains Pokemon. Adam 8/1999 0:20:54 1999-08 Adam Explains Pokemon
More of Alex and the Rocket Men. Alex, Russell Bird, Sean Tierney, Austin ?, Tony? 8/1999 0:01:57 1999-09 Alex Rocket Launch With Friends
Alex’s Friends 12th Birthday and Family Birthday. Alex, Adam, Nathan, Kenton and Gregory LeVay, Tony?, Ben Valentine, Sean Tierney, Jonathan, Sandra, Carol,Wanda, Homan, Don 8/1999 0:05:09 1999-10 Alex’s 12th Birthday
Trick or Treating. Alex is Screamer. Adam is Harry Potter. Alex, Adam, Greg 10/31/1999 0:01:48 1999-11 Halloween
Adam’s 9th Birthday. Adam, Chris Chain, Matt Brooker, Nathan LeVay, Ben?, Mark Anderson, Alex 11/1999 0:06:50 1999-12 Adam’s 9th Birthday
Alex Plays Roller Hockey. Number 27. Alex 12/1999 0:03:07 1999-13 Roller Hockey
Adam Sings in Cincinnati BoyChoir. Adam , Brad Schieve, 12/1999 0:13:12 1999-14 Adam Boys Choir
Adm Sings in TCBC Songbirds. Adam, Krystal White, CJ Miller, Khristian Yurchak 12/1999 0:05:07 1999-15 Adam Church Choir
Adam Plays Basketball at the YMCA Adam 12/1999 0:05:08 1999-16 Adam Basketball ay YMCA
Freedom School Play: “Climb High Jack.” Also, Destination Imagination. Adam, Matt Brooker, Cayla Huxhold, ?Adams 12/1999 0:19:59 1999-17 Adam School Plays
Christmas Morning. Alex, Adam, Greg 12/25/1999 0:04:32 1999-18 Christmas Home
Christmas at Gma and Gpa’s. Alex, Adam, Geoff, Ryan, Nathan, Jill, Sandra, Jake, Julie 12/25/1999 0:01:45 1999-19 Snyder Christmas
Destination Imagination at Miami University. Adam, Matt Brooker, Tyler Fricker, Brad Schieve 3/2000 0:09:16 1999-20 Adam School Play
Adam Sings in Cincinnati BoyChoir. Adam 3/2000 0:07:10 1999-21 Adam Boys Choir
Alex and Adam Play Duet at David Dendler’s Piano Recital. Duet Starts at 4:00. Alex, Adam 12/1999 0:12:49 1999-22 1999 Christmas Piano Recital
Alex and Adam Play Piano at TCBC Youth in Concert. Alex, Adam 3/2000 0:01:14 2000-01 Piano Recitals
Alex’s 6th Grade Spring Band Concert. At 5:30 Alex Plays a Duet. Alex, Mandy Dunn, Joey Vella, Alena Bhattacharya, Michael Titus, Dave Thomas, Al Schmidt 4/2000 0:07:11 2000-02 Alex’s 6th Grade Band Concert
Adam Sings in Cincinnati BoyChoir. Adam, Derek Mueller 4/2000 0:04:02 2000-03 Adam Boys Choir
Spring Break in Gatlinburg. Alex and Adam loved NASCAR Speedpark the most. Alex, Adam, Greg 4/2000 0:07:02 2000-04 Speedpark
Adam Drives Granpa’s Three Wheeler. Adam 4/2000 0:00:25 2000-05 Adam All Terrain Vehicle
Canton Church Easter Egg Hunt. Gpa’s Easter Egg Hunt. Playing Andy Andy Over with Gpa and the Cousins. Alex, Adam, Greg, Don, Ryan, Nathan, Dave 4/2000 0:04:09 2000-06 Egg Hunt
Easter Morning. Alex, Adam 4/2000 0:06:22 2000-07 Easter
Alex Jazz Band Concert. Alex 5/2001 0:05:09 2000-08 Jazz Band
Alex and Adam Plays Piano at TCBC Youth in Concert. Alex and Adam 5/2001 0:02:04 2000-09 Adam Piano
Adam Sings in Cincinnati BoyChoir. Adam 5/2001 0:17:54 2000-10 Adam Boys Choir
Lakota Summer Band Clinic Closing Concert. Alex, Alex Pride 6/2001 0:04:37 2000-11 Jazz Band
Vacation Out West-Badlands, Wal-Drug, Black Hills. Alex, Adam 7/2001 0:14:23 2000-12 Western Trip
Alex and Adam Play in David Dendler’s Christmas Piano Recital. Adam Starts at 4:10. Alex Starts at 20:05. Alex, Adam, Derek Mueller 12/2/2000 0:26:54 2000-13 Christmas Recital
Adam Plays in David Dendler’s Fall Piano Recital. He Plays “Serenade” at 4:35 and Receives composer Franz Schubert Statue at 28:15. Adam, Lindsey Landers, Derek Mueller, 11/10/2001 0:31:11 2001-01 Adam Recital

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